Sunday, August 5, 2012

Battle of Flodden flags

I have completed painting up my 15mm miniatures for the Battle of Flodden scenario.  I would like to thank Ray Rousell ( for sharing flag images he created for this battle.  I have used most of his flags, but came up with some additional ones.  My flags are mainly based off shields or clan flags.  These are not perfect and I have not found reference that the exact flags were in the battle, but wanted to make up some flags for the scenario.

Here are the additional ones I came up with:

Scottish flags

Hugh Fraser

Clan Elphinstone

Clan Kerr

Clan Irvine

Lord Erskine

Lord Seton

Lord Ross

David Kenndy, Earl of Cassilis
Wikipedia entry

English flags

Richard Assheton
Middletonia entry

Wikipedia entry





  1. A top job on the flags Eric, I'll definitely be using these!!! and welcome to the mad world of blogging!!

  2. Your flags are beauties and I'm looking forward seeing more pics of your armies. A post a day is a killer pace so no when you can squeeze it in around painting gaming and drinking. ;-)

  3. Eric!!! Welcome aboard the blogging train! Nice to have you. Oh, I love flags, even ones for periods I don't game!!!!

  4. Hello

    Ok thank you, but which really were at Flodden? And they were really Like this,?

    1. I have not heard of a source that says/shows the flags at Flodden, but the flags are the best representation based on groups present and commanders. The style of the flags is based on various published sources.

    2. I have not read a primary source that says/shows the flags at Flodden.