Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flodden "Bow and Bill" and Casualty Markers

First up is the Christopher Savage unit of Bow and Bill.  Christopher Savage's contigent was under command of Edmund Howard.  I basically went with a 50/50 split with Bow and Bill miniatures for these English bases.  Longbow in the front rank.

Note Ray's flag, of Don't throw a 1 fame, that I printed out.

The last miniatures I'm painting up are the casualty markers.  They are 15mm Freikorps Pict/Scot Casualties (PI09).  As a side note, all the Renaissance Scots 15mm miniatures have recently been transferred from QRF Models (UK) to Sgt Major Miniatures (USA) (news article).  I guess these were part of the old Feudal Castings line.  I had no idea they were different from the Tudor English in the Freikorps listing.  I just knew I needed Scots to fight the English.  I guess if I ever need more Scots they are little closer to home now.

Left to right showing basing.


  1. Nice work Eric, your right about the Feudal Castings figures. They are a different entity to the Tudor range from Frei Corps.

  2. Nice work,we all need dead bods