Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Local Wargaming Club

What does my wargaming club (Colorado Military Historians) look like?  Well, below is a typical meeting.  We meet in a community center building which is a single good sized room with two bathrooms.  It does get a little warm in the building in the summer, even with air conditioning.  Good lighting with tables and chairs.

Rarely are the foostables in the foreground are used.  We are there to wargame.
Our club has existed since 1965.  Great group of guys to game with and discuss military history.  I've been a member since 2001 and was club secretary from 2005 to May of this year.  I say I'm in retirement from the Board, but I can't predict the future.  Our club membership is about 40 members.  Currently our annual dues are $35.

I've known Ancients is popular at our club, but for some reason today it dawned on me that Ancients is by far the most popular.  There is always at least one or two Ancients games at every meeting.  World War 2 or American Civil War does not even come close and those are popular wars to game.

I struggle with why some new people come to visit the club, end up joining, then dissappear after about a year.  We are welcoming to everyone.  Maybe other clubs have the same issue.  We would like the new people to stay and keep enjoying the club.  But maybe it is just me being a Canadian and want everyone to get along.

Colorado Military Historians


  1. Not sure why, but comments seem broken... trying to type this...

    Eric, what a coincidence! I am in Denver myself and had planned on stopping by for your monthly meeting yesterday to meet the club and possibly join. Unfortunately something came up during the day and so my visit will have to wait until next month.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    ~ Jonathan

    1. Hi Jonathan. To join our club you have to attend at least 3 meetings and then you can be voted in with a sponsorer. If you stop by Tacticon over the labor day long weekend, you'll see a bunch of our club members running games. This Fall sometime, you'll probably see me run my Battle of Flodden scenario. Our club is pretty bad about posting online upcoming games, but lately we have about four games to choose from each meeting. Our Friday night meetings have less going on.

    2. Thanks Eric. I will start coming to the meetings next month. Looking forward to seeing Flodden sometime soon! :)