Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blitzkrieg-Commander Scenario Playtesting

I'm in the middle of testing the next Canadian WWII scenario using Blitzkrieg-Commander rules.  All the terrain is finished and all the miniatures are painted.  Most of the dirt roads are currently packed away for another battle, so i'm using some thin strips of cork paper as stand in for testing.

Clumps of polyester fiber fill glued to squares of transparency sheets used to represent artillery smoke.
After smoke has lifted, Canadians advance.  Sherman Crab tank clears path through minefield.
I have changed the way the path is represented (probably will be seen in a future picture).
My last Normandy Canadian vs German scenario (Battle of Buron) was too one sided (German), so I want to really test this one out to see if it will work well.  This battle takes place one month later and the Germans are defending a pretty well defended area (anti-tank ditches, minefields, barbed wire, trenches and dug-outs).  Canadians have the troops and artillery to take the town.  The Germans need to hold out and use their artillery on the Canadians advancing in the open fields.

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