Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Battle of Flodden Fans

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for more photos of my Battle of Flodden scenario.  Here you go!  I've held off so my local wargaming friends can enjoy first crack at the battle.  These pictures are from my club.  The game was well received and I was glad to see everyone seemed to picked up the rules pretty well (Renaissance Principles of War).  I will be running this game again at one of our local conventions, Genghis Con, in February.

Scots on the right advancing down the hill.

English deploy in line and advance to meet the Scots.
English borderers.
The armies meet.


  1. Looks good and do I see a dice tower? ;-)


  2. Thanks guys. It all came together. Having never done Renaissance before, I enjoyed the process. No dice tower in use in the pictures, although there are dice boxes that I painted brown and put green felt in the middle. I made up the boxes so the Scottish players don't have to go chasing after their dice after rolling them down the hill.

    Ray...everyone is loving the flags. I had to point out the research and work that went into them. For those that don't know, about half the flags are thanks to Ray.