Saturday, February 16, 2013

Genghis Con 2013: Saturday

I popped into our local largest gaming convention "Genghis Con" today.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be running my Battle of Flodden 15mm game.  This is the largest gaming convention in Colorado every year.  I think I have been attending for 12 years.

I pretty much just check out the Historical miniature games and the vendor area.  The vendor area is really lacking anything historical wargaming, which is unfortunate.  I did pick up a number of dice from Chessex that have various flags/symbols on the one on each die (Japanese, American, British, National symbol of Republic of China, and a celtic cross).  These should come in handy for future games.

The historical games this morning looked pretty good.  Attendance looked strong around each game.  I was surprised to see eight people playing in the American Civil War game.  I could never run an eight player miniatures game at a convention, but it looks like they were all having fun.

Below are pictures from the convention this morning.

Warhammer 40K room.
Eight player ACW game.
15mm Vietnam game.  Odd looking river.
More ACW action.
Modern game.
Modern Game.  Soviets deploy the pen missle.
Dan Black's (on left in blue sweater) excellent WWII Eastern Front game.

Potential additional Soviet tanks to arrive.


  1. Ya, it's pretty good. Good group of Gamers, Game Masters and Miniatures Coordinator.