Saturday, September 21, 2013


Last weekend, Bob Jones hosted a gamer gathering at his house.  Local and out of State gamers came together for what I'm calling a home convention.  This was pretty much all Bob’s idea, and I think it was a great idea.  Thank you Bob for the invite.  Bob put a lot of time into coordinating this event and from what I experienced, it was a success.

The name Getzcon came from Bob's friend Jim Getz.  Jim is a fellow game designer like Bob.  Bob and Jim were not the only game designers at the gathering.  Here is the all-star designer attendees with some of their wargame rules:
·         Jim Getz: Napoleonique, Empire, and Chef d’Battalion.
·         Bob Jones: Le Jeu de la Guerre, Piquet, Zouave II and Die Fighting.
·         Sam Mustafa: Might and Reason, Grand Armee, Lasalle, Maurice, and Longstreet.
·         Brent Oman: Piquet and Field of Battle.

Bob had setup two game tables for Saturday gaming.  I played in a Field of Battle game hosted by Tony Fryer, then played in a learning game of Longstreet introduced from the game designer, Sam Mustafa.  To play opposite Brent using his Field of Battle rules and being taught Longstreet by Sam Mustafa, you really can’t get better than that.  We also talked about our favorite board games and talked about rules.

Tony put on a fun American Civil War game using Field of Battle.  It was a smaller table than we are used to playing on (~5’ wide), but I think the terrain made for an interesting game.  Fun game!
Sam introduced us to Longstreet.  I’m always up for trying out a new ruleset.  The ruleset has an interesting use of cards and was fun to play.  Trying out a ruleset for the first time always has me half confused, so no verdict if I recommend it.  It is mostly designed as a single player vs. single player and as we played it three a side, I probably need to try it out one on one.  I do recommend getting in a game to see what you think.


More photos here: Photobucket Album

A fun event hosted by Bob, and I think we can all learn from him how to host a fun historical wargaming event.  You can read more about the event from Bob’s blog:

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