Monday, September 2, 2013

Tacticon 2013

This past weekend I attended our local Labor Day weekend convention called Tacticon.  Another good convention this year.  I had heard that some historical game masters ended up with no one signed up to their games.  That is disappointing.  Attendance to Tacticon is always lower than the February convention Genghis Con.  I ended up not taking many photos this year as I was focused on playing in a game and running my game.

This year I decided to play in one game on Saturday which meant I had to buy a Saturday registration ($20).  I played in one session of the six session Dien Bien Phu games.  I first saw this layout back in 2002/2003 and was really impressed, but didn't get a chance at that time to try out the game.  The terrain layout was great and the historic scenario's gave you a great understanding of the battle.  I was lukewarm on the homegrown ruleset though, and it was a bit crowded at the 8 player game session.  It was still enjoyable.

Dien Bien Phu game at Tacticon
One of the French defenses on a hill.
My Viet Minh attack on the French hill.
On Sunday I ran my Ia Drang, Cold War Commander rules game.  I ended up with three players of a possible four, and they had a good time.  The Vietnamese won forcing the US Airborne to pull out of LZ XRay.

My Ia Drang game after the battle ended.

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