Monday, October 14, 2013

October CMH Club Meeting

This month I attended our club monthly meeting.  It was another well attended meeting with a variety of new painted miniatures showed off, plus games.  The games were Ancients (no surprise), Zulu War, and Cold War.  The Cold War (microarmour) game did come as a surprise.  I jumped in this game which pitted the Americans against the Soviets c. 1982.  I played the Soviets with T-72s and T-55s.  I did terrible.  I guess the all tank rush doesn't work against M-1 Abrams hull down behind an elevated road.  Oh was fun.  We used the Modern Spearhead ruleset.  I would have preferred the Cold War Commander ruleset.  I have thought about doing 1987 Angola War with microarmour.  But that is a potential future thing.  Still busy doing other stuff at the moment (War of 1812).

Below are some pictures from the meeting.


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