Sunday, November 24, 2013

BoardGameGeek.Con 2013

I am back from attending BoardGameGeek.Con 2013.  This convention is dedicated to boardgames...specifically Euro Games.  There were approximately 2200 attendees and I had a great time.  My good friend Kevin and I planned to attend this year awhile back.  A big thanks to Liz for letting me go.  Kevin attended the whole convention and I attended only the three full days.  It was held at one of the Hyatt hotels at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.  Kevin and I stayed at the convention hotel.

Wow...what a convention.  We played all sorts of games and ended up buying a couple games each from the vendor room.  We got to try out a number of good new games, such as Amerigo published by Queen Games.  The hotel and convention food was pretty good.  There was a free shuttle that can take you to nearby Grapevine, Texas for a better food selection.

Main gaming hall.  Approximately 2000 gamers were in here for closing ceremonies.
Another fun thing I did at the convention was play in the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.  This is a six player half hour simulator game of a spaceship, similar to Star Trek.  I definitely recommend this game.

Here are the boardgames I played, with thumbs up for the ones I thought were winners.  The order is the order I played them at the convention.

Star Wars X-Wing

Pillars of the Earth




Taj Mahal

Escape I did not enjoy this crazy speed dice game.  Lots of insanity and yelling.

Rokoko (or Rococo)


Bruxelles 1893


Band of Brothers (wargame)

Francis Drake

The game library where you can borrow a game to play.
Some gamers had balloons attached to themselves.  Certainly helps to find one another.

Other games in hall between library, vendor room and main hall to play.
Battling Tops Tournament at convention
Thanks to Kevin for sharing this picture.
What the?
Ahh...a fellow competitor cheering on the action.
His turn will come.
Video that has been posted giving a good overview of the convention this year: