Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working WWII Soviet Tanks on YouTube

Sometimes you can go off on a tangent in YouTube just following links.  I discovered these cool videos of working WWII Soviet tanks.  Makes me want to get back to wargaming WWII Eastern Front.

Video's with red highlight are dubbed in English.

T-37A Light amphibious tank (wiki entry)
This is a fun video.

MS-1 (wiki entry)
T-60 (wiki entry)
T-70 (wiki entry)
Lots of mud/water to drive in for this video.

BT-7 (wiki entry)
The driver has to remove the steering wheel before entering/exiting (shown in video). Crazy!
KV-2 (wiki entry)
T-34 (wiki entry)
T-34/85 (wiki entry)
KV-85 (wiki entry)
Doesn't start rolling until 8 min into video.
ISU-152 (wiki entry)
 Another video LINK

SU-100 (wiki entry)
JS-2 or IS-2 (wiki entry)
Pretty cool to see inside this tank.
T-44 (wiki entry)
Late war WWII training tank, only used on the Far East front.
Ignore the German tank at the beginning.

There are other videos of Soviet trucks and other videos from this same driver:

War of 1812: NY Militia

Here are some of my latest War of 1812, Knuckleduster 28mm miniatures painted up.  These are New York Militia.

The green basing material (minus the tufts) is from Green Adirondack Blend 32oz, by Scenic Express.
I recommend the mixture.

Next up will be more British regulars.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October CMH Club Meeting

This month I attended our club monthly meeting.  It was another well attended meeting with a variety of new painted miniatures showed off, plus games.  The games were Ancients (no surprise), Zulu War, and Cold War.  The Cold War (microarmour) game did come as a surprise.  I jumped in this game which pitted the Americans against the Soviets c. 1982.  I played the Soviets with T-72s and T-55s.  I did terrible.  I guess the all tank rush doesn't work against M-1 Abrams hull down behind an elevated road.  Oh was fun.  We used the Modern Spearhead ruleset.  I would have preferred the Cold War Commander ruleset.  I have thought about doing 1987 Angola War with microarmour.  But that is a potential future thing.  Still busy doing other stuff at the moment (War of 1812).

Below are some pictures from the meeting.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

War of 1812: U.S. Regulars

1813 U.S. Regulars by Knuckleduster that I just finished up.  I thought I'd change up the basing.  This time the soldiers are walking through maybe a spring corn field.  Next group War of 1812 I'm painting up are some British Regulars.