Sunday, March 30, 2014

No Offense, but...

...Man this is a terrible looking game.  I can not believe this was actually at a convention (Havoc XXX).  The terrain looks horrible.

What is wrong with this terrain?  It actually does not look real.  Wait...the buildings, bridge, and fence look real.  I own the same river terrain and the sides of the river have rocks, etc which should be painted.  Maybe playtesting by yourself at home then this would be okay, but I would never have anyone play at this table.  I try to avoid using felt, but I can understand it being used in certain situations (i.e. large water bodies like rivers/lakes).  These blobs of felt have no trees, etc.  Oh it just gets worse the more I look at this photo.

I would be very interested to hear the reason for the bad terrain.

I am of the opinion that at a gaming convention, the game presentation must look good.

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At the same convention, below is a view of a successful looking game.

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  1. I think looking at the really good display games makes the step into doing a display game really daunting but yes this is really rough and ready


    1. I could never get close to those display games, but blobs of felt is weak.

  2. My observations: Various pieces of "stuff" strewn about the table - big markers, dice, a bag (!). No trees, just green felt blobs. It doesn't surprise me that it is a WW2 game as they seem to commonly have fairly ugly terrain. While the base felt is green, it isn't a green you'd see in the countryside. Do people ever look outside and think of the shades of natural colors?? I'm also afraid that as unappealing as this terrain is to me, someone somewhere has said "what a great looking game!".

    1. That is true. I have seen some comments on TMP about a photo someone has posted that I thought looked bad and someone posts "Great looking game." I try to always keep improving my terrain and learn from others.