Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Conclave of Gamers 2015

This was the first year I attending Conclave of Gamers convention here in Denver.  This was the fourth year of the convention.  I wanted to see what this local convention was all about.  There was a request for historical miniature games so I decided to put on a simple ACW naval river scenario.  It has been awhile since the ships have seen a gaming table, so why not.

Boardgaming, miniature, and vendor room on Saturday.

I went with a good friend of mine and played in some boardgames and ran my ACW naval game.  I like the convention space (Crowne Plaza).  It is close to restaurants and has good open space with good lighting.  Only two spaces were in use at the venue, an open gaming area and role playing area.  Everyone I came in contact with was friendly.  I only went on the Saturday and found attendance pretty low compared to the space available.  I guess the issue was it was the same day as another geek convention (Starfest).

The boardgaming at the Conclave of Gamers was good.  They use the same format as Boardgamegeek.Con, where they have a library and signs you can put on your table to attract players.  I like this format, it works very well.  Their library of games was very small, but I'm sure it will grow over the years.  You can just bring your own games to the convention and set them up.  Boardgaming is essentially the most played at the convention.  Also, there did not seem to be a lot of roleplaying games on the go.

RPG area.
The historical miniature games were not well attended.  There were not a lot of historical miniature games to choose from, but even those were really lacking players.  I lucked out and had three club members and one other player join my game.  I can understand why.  This is a fairly new convention, it is not well known, there are competing conventions (even on the same weekend), and historical miniature games are not as popular at a general gaming convention.  I have no problem filling my games up at Genghis Con or Tacticon.  With no official word that these conventions will continue and if they do not I would like to running games at a local general gaming convention that has room for historical miniature games.  Maybe Conclave of Gamers will be that convention.

I enjoyed the convention and recommend it.  Historical miniature wargaming wise, I recommend Genghis Con or Tacticon (if they are still around), or definitely our club convention West Wars.  We just need to convince boardgamers that historical miniature games are just as fun.

My ACW naval game laid out.

Union ships move up.
All ships engaged.


  1. Always tough to get the ball rolling. The organisers do have to try and make sure it does not clash with other shows


    1. I did hear they will be looking to avoid conflicting conventions next year.