Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wargame Sand Dunes

I decided to make up some sand dunes for my First Battle of Gaza scenario (March 26-27, 1917).  The sand dunes were located along the coast of Mediterranean Sea near Gaza.  The sand dunes are designed for 6mm terrain, even though the figures are 10mm.

The sand dunes are pretty easy to make.  The dunes are made of pre-mixed grout (colour: linen).  The grout was placed on top of mdf and shaped like sand dunes (slight curve).  I figure the prevailing wind was coming off the sea, so I shaped the dunes directly away from the water (table edge).  When dry, I filled in the few gaps/cracks that appeared with a bit more grout.  After this dries I applied a small amount of Strong Tone Quickshade ink (brand: Army Painter) to the slip face (back side) to each of the dunes.  This adds some shade to this side.  I added a bunch of tufts of grass in between some of the dunes.

10mm Figure for scale.
Sand dunes almost cover 5' of table.  Picture with flash.
Ink applied to slip face of the dunes is very noticeable (due to flash).
Picture without flash.

Monday, February 8, 2016

War of 1812: Kentucky Volunteers

Here are some of my latest War of 1812, Knuckleduster 28mm miniatures painted up. These are Kentucky Volunteers.