Friday, April 8, 2016

War of 1812: 11th US Regiment (wet)

Here are some of my latest War of 1812 figures.  I painted up the 11th US Regiment c.1812-13.

I decided to make them look like they are in the rain.  What...who does that?  I know, it is a bit crazy, but I like to make my bases look different for every unit.  For some reason, I chose to make the figures and base look wet.  Not sure if you will be able to tell in the photos below.

  • Gloss gel medium on base then stuck in static grass.
  • Painted the rocks gloss.
  • Painted the miniatures gloss.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The end of February, my wife and I took a one week vacation to Victoria, BC and surrounding area.  we lucked out with great weather, almost sunny every day.  We had a great time and I recommend visiting Victoria.

Here are some history related sites we saw:

Sydney, BC
Military book store.  Recommended for naval books.
Memorials across the street from book store.

Fort Rod Hill

Disguised WWII searchlight emplacement

Searchlight inside
BC Aviation Museum
Bristol Bolingbroke Mk IV
Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
Frigate HMCS Regina
Royal BC Museum
Fort Victoria c. 1840s (HBC = Hudson's Bay Company)

Miniature World

In a park near CFB Esquimalt