Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tacticon 2016: The Good

I have mixed feelings about Tacticon this year.  This year I attended Saturday morning and afternoon.  I've decided to create two posts about the convention, one positive (this one) and one negative (link to post).  Overall it was good, but there were issues.  At some point, it would not surprise me if both Genghis Con and Tacticon will not have any non-tournament historical miniature games. 

Miniature/Boardgaming room (Saturday morning)
Here are the good points:
  • Convention space was good.  The lighting was good in the miniature room.  I heard the food on site was good.
  • Parking was not an issue.
  • Plenty of offsite food options nearby.
  • There was lots of space around the tables and extra tables were available.
  • I had a full game with a couple extra players wanting to join in.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.
  • The other miniature games seemed to be going well.  Warhammer 40K was strong as ever.  I think Warmachine did well too.

Boardgaming area
Computer gaming.  Was this area ever more than 50% attended?

My War of 1812 game before battle started.
 My game after the battle ended.
Russian Civil War 15mm, Square Bashing rules.

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