Sunday, May 5, 2019

Named Locations on WWI Middle East Maps

When I first browsed WWI Middle East maps I was a little confused by the locations marked on them.  I thought they were towns, but in reality they were not.  Below is an example of part of a WWI Middle East map.

Here are some examples of location from this map that I thought were towns.
  • Bir Abu Rami
  • Bir en Nuss
  • Hod El Enna
  • Tell El Farama
  • Hod Marzugiat
It took a little bit, but I figured it out.  Here are what these locations really are:
  • Bir: well
  • Hod: oasis
  • Tel: hill
Some additional features:
  • Khirbet (or Kh.): ruin
  • Beit: house or small village
Hopefully this is of some help for wargamers trying to figure out what all these named locations found on the maps.  I'm sure there are additional locations I did explore and I welcome if people want to share their English equivalent.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Italian S.M.79 Bombers

Here are a couple photos from my first group of 1:600 planes for my future Operation Pedestal game.  In the photos, the planes further off the ground are S.M.79 bombers and the lower ones are S.M.79 torpedo bombers.  The 1:3000 aircraft carrier is the HMS Furious.

My research on paint schemes on the S.M.79 bombers turned up quite a few variations.  I went with as much variation as I could.

I have tried different basing options for 1:2400 and 1:1250 scale planes in the past and have not been very happy with the outcomes.  I am not going with plastic rods and plastic bases.  The rods are wood on a wood disk which is on a metal 1" washer.  The planes are either glued onto the rod in a groove (torpedo bombers) or via a pin embedded into the rod and then in a drilled hole on the bottom of the plane (bombers).

I thought I could not place decals at this scale, but I surprised myself.

Now I am onto the Ju 88 bombers.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

March CMH Club Meeting Photos

Photos from our March monthly club meeting with my new used camera.  Not sure if they look better than my previous camera, but thought I'd give it a try.  I also used software to improve the photos, mainly to brighten them.