Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Battle of Riachuelo OOB

Due to requests for Battle of Riachuelo Order of Battle, I am posting the listing of ships below.  This list and spelling is from Warships at the Battle of Riachuelo, by William Eugene Warner.  The list is in no particular order.  Letter or Number in brackets refers to matching ship models from Pithead Miniatures.  An example of the Pithead letters/numbers is Brazilian Belmonte and Parnahyba are the same ship model.

  • Tacuari (A)
  • Paraguarí (B)
  • Igurey (C)
  • Ypora (D)
  • Marquez de Olinda (E)
  • Jejui (F)
  • Pirabebe (G)
  • Salto Oriental (H)
  • Chata, 68pdr (J)
  • Chata, 68pdr (J)
  • Chata, 68pdr (J)
  • Chata, 68pdr (J)
  • Chata, 80pdr (J)
  • Chata, 80pdr (J)
  • Ibera (I)
  • 22 field guns on the cliffs of Santa Caterina
  • Army sharpshooters on the cliffs of Rincon de Lagraña
  • Amazonas (1)
  • Belmonte (2)
  • Parnahyba (2)
  • Jequitinhonha (3)
  • Beberibe (3)
  • Araguari (4)
  • Iguatemi (4)
  • Mearim (5)
  • Ypiranga (6)

Battle of Riachuelo: Brazilian Ships

I have finished the Brazilian ships now for the Battle of Riachuelo.  These are 1:1200 scale ships from Pithead Miniatures.  They were fun to assemble, paint and base.  The only problem with them was all the bowsprits were broken.  I had to use whatever tools I had a around to remove them and then replace them with brass wire.  Not a problem, I had everything I needed to fix that.

Now I have to work on the river layout and try out rules.  The plan is to use Iron and Fire by Dave Manley.  I have used the rules before for ACW naval.


Blog post on Paraguay Ships: Link

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Admiral: Roaring Currents Movie

I just finished watching The Admiral: Roaring Currents movie.  I'm sure I heard about this movie through the wargaming community somewhere and added it to my Netflix queue.  I recommend this movie.  The naval battle is great.  The movie leads up to the naval Battle of Myeongryang, 1597, between Korea and Japan, and then the rest of movie is the battle.  The lead up to the battle in the movie is not that exciting, but the battle part of the movie is action packed and looks real.  Lots of overacting and the director focuses too much on the faces of the actors, but as I said the movie is worth watching for the naval battle.