Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Sword and The Flame by Larry Brom

Today I learned that Larry Brom, the creator of The Sword and The Flame (TSATF) rules has died.  I am sad to hear this news because Larry was the reason historical miniature wargaming became my main hobby.  Thirty years ago this year I was introduced to The Sword and the Flame rules from my Dad's coworkers son.  He setup a small Zulu war scenario and we ended up playing it twice in one sitting.  It captured my interest and I was off into the hobby.  Larry was able to capture the fun and the history in the rules.

TSATF Zulu War game I ran back in 1997.  Pretty basic, but I was pretty green back then.

Canadian Lancaster Bomber

I just watched this video of the Canadian Lancaster Bomber.  Back in c. 1995 I saw this bomber fly over the Canadian Parliament buildings at night.  They were shining fake search lights at it.  I believe it was for the anniversary of the end of WWII.  When I visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum years ago, I don't think it was there at the time, but I definitely enjoyed the museum.

This video is very cool.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I am currently painting up 25mm Aztecs, other natives and Conquistadors.  These will be used for a future The Sword and Flame game.  I think the rules will work out fine, but have yet to test it.

Notice I said 25mm.  Yes, I am painting up 25mm not 28mm.  I acquired free a bunch of 25mm Monday Knight Production miniatures from their Gold and Feathers line.  In future posts I will show the Aztecs and Conquistador Allies 25mm figures.  I think there are more options in 28mm, but I prefer to work with what I have.

I would be interested to read in the comments who else my Spanish could skirmish with back in Europe.  I do not know the history of Spain in this period in Europe.  I am slowly learning about the Conquistadors.

I hope to put on a fun game in the future.  At least something different.