Monday, August 27, 2012

First Painted 25/28mm Ever

Yes, up until this year I had never painted any miniature bigger than 20mm.  Our club was getting interested in doing skirmish Napoleonic wargaming at the beginning of the year, so since I had a bag of Old Glory British advancing infantry sitting around, I figured I would give it a go.  I have seen so many great painted 25/28mm figures out there, I did not want to even try, but thought I couldn't go wrong by starting with just one figure.  It turned out to be easier than I thought.  I will never match the great 25/28mm painters I game with.  I have been painting up some of this scale for War of 1812.  No plans to go big into this scale, just at the skirmish level, and try to avoid buying any terrain/buildings.  I'm happy with the 10-15mm scales.

I ended up putting too much black Citadel wash over the whole figure...oops.

A future posting, you will get to see some British/Canadian War of 1812 I have finished.  I am really impressed with the Knuckleduster Miniatures.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kanal movie

This is a Polish 1956 movie focused on a company of Polish resistance fighters near the end of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.  I just finished watching this movie and recommend it.  I previously watched the movie Katyń, also directed by the same Director Andrzej Wajda, so thought I would see what this movie was like.  The movie is gritty and you feel like you are right in the action.  First time I've seen a German attack using goliathes in a movie.  The German tanks leave much to be desired though.  Not a lot of action scenes, but still a good movie.  Katyń is a good movie as well.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stands Entering Buildings

Somehow I came up with an idea how I could handle stands moving into buildings on the table top.  We all hate to see stands balancing on top of buildings.  I thought maybe if I took an overhead picture of the building model then resize the picture to the size of the building, print out the image, then just cut out the building.

Building with cut out image underneith.
Building model removed leaving image cut out below.  Infantry stand is now ready to enter.
Infantry stand now in building.
Maybe other people have done this before.  But I just discovered the concept.  Once the infantry have left the building, the building model can be put right back on top of the picture.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flodden "Bow and Bill" and Casualty Markers

First up is the Christopher Savage unit of Bow and Bill.  Christopher Savage's contigent was under command of Edmund Howard.  I basically went with a 50/50 split with Bow and Bill miniatures for these English bases.  Longbow in the front rank.

Note Ray's flag, of Don't throw a 1 fame, that I printed out.

The last miniatures I'm painting up are the casualty markers.  They are 15mm Freikorps Pict/Scot Casualties (PI09).  As a side note, all the Renaissance Scots 15mm miniatures have recently been transferred from QRF Models (UK) to Sgt Major Miniatures (USA) (news article).  I guess these were part of the old Feudal Castings line.  I had no idea they were different from the Tudor English in the Freikorps listing.  I just knew I needed Scots to fight the English.  I guess if I ever need more Scots they are little closer to home now.

Left to right showing basing.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Local Wargaming Club

What does my wargaming club (Colorado Military Historians) look like?  Well, below is a typical meeting.  We meet in a community center building which is a single good sized room with two bathrooms.  It does get a little warm in the building in the summer, even with air conditioning.  Good lighting with tables and chairs.

Rarely are the foostables in the foreground are used.  We are there to wargame.
Our club has existed since 1965.  Great group of guys to game with and discuss military history.  I've been a member since 2001 and was club secretary from 2005 to May of this year.  I say I'm in retirement from the Board, but I can't predict the future.  Our club membership is about 40 members.  Currently our annual dues are $35.

I've known Ancients is popular at our club, but for some reason today it dawned on me that Ancients is by far the most popular.  There is always at least one or two Ancients games at every meeting.  World War 2 or American Civil War does not even come close and those are popular wars to game.

I struggle with why some new people come to visit the club, end up joining, then dissappear after about a year.  We are welcoming to everyone.  Maybe other clubs have the same issue.  We would like the new people to stay and keep enjoying the club.  But maybe it is just me being a Canadian and want everyone to get along.

Colorado Military Historians

Friday, August 10, 2012

Battle of Flodden Hill Slope

Here are some initial views of the terrain of the Battle of Flodden scenario.

Battlefield.  Scots will be starting on the slope on the right.  English will be setting up to the left.
Layers of rigid insulation topped with foam board all gluded together.
Hills on top of the cloth are made from the same rigid insulation.
Bottom of slope showing foam board.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Battle of Flodden flags

I have completed painting up my 15mm miniatures for the Battle of Flodden scenario.  I would like to thank Ray Rousell ( for sharing flag images he created for this battle.  I have used most of his flags, but came up with some additional ones.  My flags are mainly based off shields or clan flags.  These are not perfect and I have not found reference that the exact flags were in the battle, but wanted to make up some flags for the scenario.

Here are the additional ones I came up with:

Scottish flags

Hugh Fraser

Clan Elphinstone

Clan Kerr

Clan Irvine

Lord Erskine

Lord Seton

Lord Ross

David Kenndy, Earl of Cassilis
Wikipedia entry

English flags

Richard Assheton
Middletonia entry

Wikipedia entry




Friday, August 3, 2012


Well...looks like I am late to the wargaming blog game, although I have had a website from 1997.  So why have I decided to start my own blog.  I guess I am influenced by many fellow gamers out there that I have their own wargame blogs and I have seen lots of useful information from them.  I have also recently stepped down as our wargaming club secretary where I edited the monthly newsletter.  I figure I could probably pass along some useful information as well.  I doubt I'll be passing along much painting tips as their are many better painters out there.

My focus has been more on the obscure historical battles not the mainstream battles/wars.  Almost all the scenarios I do are actual historical battles.  I don't mind playing hypethetical scenarios, but it is not my thing.  I try my best to paint up everything historic to the battle.

The periods that I am intereted in range mainly from post-Napoleonic to Vietnam War.  I focus mainly on Colonial and WWII.  I do have Medieval, Renaissance and Napoleonic miniatures though.  I have naval and ground forces.  No air-to-air specific models.

Miniature scale wise, I focus on 10 to 15mm for ground forces and then a mix for naval.  I actually painted up my first 25/28mm scale miniatures.  Still not a fan, but I'll paint up a few for skirmish games.

No guarentees how frequently I will be posting, but I hope to share a bunch of good information.