Monday, December 16, 2013

War of 1812: 41st Infantry Regiment

Here is the latest Knuckleduster 28mm War of 1812 miniatures painted up.  They from the British 41st Infantry Regiment.

Next unit will probably be U.S. Artillery gun and crew.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

BoardGameGeek.Con 2013

I am back from attending BoardGameGeek.Con 2013.  This convention is dedicated to boardgames...specifically Euro Games.  There were approximately 2200 attendees and I had a great time.  My good friend Kevin and I planned to attend this year awhile back.  A big thanks to Liz for letting me go.  Kevin attended the whole convention and I attended only the three full days.  It was held at one of the Hyatt hotels at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.  Kevin and I stayed at the convention hotel.

Wow...what a convention.  We played all sorts of games and ended up buying a couple games each from the vendor room.  We got to try out a number of good new games, such as Amerigo published by Queen Games.  The hotel and convention food was pretty good.  There was a free shuttle that can take you to nearby Grapevine, Texas for a better food selection.

Main gaming hall.  Approximately 2000 gamers were in here for closing ceremonies.
Another fun thing I did at the convention was play in the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.  This is a six player half hour simulator game of a spaceship, similar to Star Trek.  I definitely recommend this game.

Here are the boardgames I played, with thumbs up for the ones I thought were winners.  The order is the order I played them at the convention.

Star Wars X-Wing

Pillars of the Earth




Taj Mahal

Escape I did not enjoy this crazy speed dice game.  Lots of insanity and yelling.

Rokoko (or Rococo)


Bruxelles 1893


Band of Brothers (wargame)

Francis Drake

The game library where you can borrow a game to play.
Some gamers had balloons attached to themselves.  Certainly helps to find one another.

Other games in hall between library, vendor room and main hall to play.
Battling Tops Tournament at convention
Thanks to Kevin for sharing this picture.
What the?
Ahh...a fellow competitor cheering on the action.
His turn will come.
Video that has been posted giving a good overview of the convention this year:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working WWII Soviet Tanks on YouTube

Sometimes you can go off on a tangent in YouTube just following links.  I discovered these cool videos of working WWII Soviet tanks.  Makes me want to get back to wargaming WWII Eastern Front.

Video's with red highlight are dubbed in English.

T-37A Light amphibious tank (wiki entry)
This is a fun video.

MS-1 (wiki entry)
T-60 (wiki entry)
T-70 (wiki entry)
Lots of mud/water to drive in for this video.

BT-7 (wiki entry)
The driver has to remove the steering wheel before entering/exiting (shown in video). Crazy!
KV-2 (wiki entry)
T-34 (wiki entry)
T-34/85 (wiki entry)
KV-85 (wiki entry)
Doesn't start rolling until 8 min into video.
ISU-152 (wiki entry)
 Another video LINK

SU-100 (wiki entry)
JS-2 or IS-2 (wiki entry)
Pretty cool to see inside this tank.
T-44 (wiki entry)
Late war WWII training tank, only used on the Far East front.
Ignore the German tank at the beginning.

There are other videos of Soviet trucks and other videos from this same driver:

War of 1812: NY Militia

Here are some of my latest War of 1812, Knuckleduster 28mm miniatures painted up.  These are New York Militia.

The green basing material (minus the tufts) is from Green Adirondack Blend 32oz, by Scenic Express.
I recommend the mixture.

Next up will be more British regulars.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

War of 1812: U.S. Regulars

1813 U.S. Regulars by Knuckleduster that I just finished up.  I thought I'd change up the basing.  This time the soldiers are walking through maybe a spring corn field.  Next group War of 1812 I'm painting up are some British Regulars.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Flodden Reenactment Photos

Came across these on Facebook:

Flodden reenactment photos link

Sunday, July 14, 2013

West Wars 2013

Another blog post from warm and rainy Denver.  This years CMH club convention, West Wars, was good and bad.  I popped by the convention on Saturday to play in Terry's Square Bashing game and see what else was going on.  Excellent attendance and good to see both club members and the Colorado Springs guys.  Pictures below are from when I was at the convention (Saturday afternoon).

I was very interested in trying out Square Bashing 2 from one of the actual play testers of the rules, Terry Shockey.  I am considering using the rules for North Africa WWI.  I certainly think it is possible.  There are lots of little rules, but fairly easy to follow along.  Terry put on a fun game, and I think I got an excellent overview of the rules.  In my testing at home it looks like a did a few things wrong, but got most of the rules correct.

Square Bashing 2 game

So what about the other games going on.  It looked like John Owen was putting on another fun naval game.  I recommend Johns games, they are good fun.  Bill Daniels was running a WWI 28mm game.  His games always look good and play well.  I'm surprised how quickly the game ended.  I guess that was the plan.  There was a DB something game ongoing.  I'm not an ancients gamer, so have no clue what the sides were, but there were lots of figures.

WWI game

Now for the bad news.  Around 5pm Saturday afternoon there was a massive rain storm come through, which seemed to have some sort of affect on the plumbing at the community center.  Something caused all the plumbing to stop running away and result in flooding in both bathrooms.  Not good.  Event organizers and the club Board decided to cancel the convention at 6pm Saturday.  So evening games and all events on Sunday were cancelled.  I was unable to run my Vietnam game Sunday.  That's okay, I can run it at the next club meeting.  But it was too bad.  I was looking forward to the Sunday swap meet and chatting with the fellow gamers.

British vs Italians in the Med, 1941
More photos:
West Wars 2013 link

Monday, July 8, 2013

Drop clothes gone wrong

Sometimes gamers drop clothes just don't look right.  The recent photo (below) from Wills Wargame Blog taken of a game at the Gauntlet Convention is a case in point.  It appears to be a WWII game somewhere in Europe.  This part of Europe seems to not have much agriculture, but certainly has a lot of bright neon grass. may be the light, but still.  No offense, but I think this is an example of what drop cloth not to use.  This can be referred to as golf course green.

From Wills Wargame Blog (
I've probably been just as guilty of using a plain drop cloth, but I've tried to get it close to the correct colour.  My favorite European drop cloth now is the one below.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Ia Drang Playtesting

Huey Hogs complete with smoke adding their support to front line American troops in Ia Drang scenario playtest.  F100 and Sky Raider aircraft are pulling up after dropping their assets.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Miniature!

My wife and I are new proud parents of Paige Alizabeth Elder who arrived May 23, 7 lbs 3 ozs, 19 inches. 

Although, not wargaming related, I thought I'd pass along the good news.  This is our first child.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Battle of Ia Drang playtesting

I'm finishing up the terrain and starting playtesting the Vietnam scenario "Battle of Ia Drang."  I'm using the Cold-War Commander ruleset with 10-12mm miniatures from Minifigs and Pendraken.  The F100 and Sky Raider planes are both from F-toys (1/144 scale).  I thought I'd share some photos.  The dry creekbed is not complete; I haven't decided what I'm going to do for that yet.

A Company commander made excellent support rolls and all the artillery and air support was called in against attacking NVA troops.  One air attack was aborted due to AA damage.  Maybe I should have used a flash for this photo.


The aircraft stands and rods by Corsec Engineering are great.  I recommend them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elephant Grass Terrain for 10mm Wargaming

For my Ia Drang Vietnam scenario I read there was elephant grass in the battlefield, so I did my research how I was going to create the long grass.  It seems that the best way to represent long grass or wheat people are using is using faux fur.  I struggled to find faux fur at my nearby fabric/hobby stores.  I ended up finally finding it at a decent fabric store in town (Denver Fabrics).  The sales clerk got a kick out of me buying the fur during a snow storm that day, saying I could use it to keep warm leaving the store.

The fur itself is too long for my 10mm scale battle, so I had to figure out how to trim it.  Also I did not find much help online regarding painting, but figured spray paint would work.  So I gave it a try originally with Krylon Camouflage ultra-flat olive green but found it was too dark.

Below is what I came up with.  I might add some more shades to the current green, but it is start.

Piece of faux fur cut as a terrain feature.

Hair trimmer with a 3/8" attachment to trim the fur.

After trimming.

Krylon emerald green gloss spray paint used on fur.
The faux fur after spray paint.  I did spray a lot of paint trying to cover all beige colour.
It starts to get glossier the longer you spray the fur, which I think is okay because it is supposed to be grass.
Elephant grass with 10mm NVA figures.  I might try adding some lighter green spray paint patches to tone down the uniform green colour.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Custom Huey Modification

Minifigs and Pendraken do not make a Huey Hog helicopter.  I have not found any plastic model kits in 1:144 scale either.  Well...I think I saw some really expensive ones.  I could not wait for Pendraken to potentially release the Huey customization pieces to make a Huey Hog, so I went ahead and came up with a simple solution.  I used some balsa wood and plastic rods.

Here are some pictures of what I came up with using my Minifigs Hueys.  The models are not painted yet.  I decided to not go fancy.  I think this will do the trick.

Hueys waiting for their rocket upgrades to be painted.


Example of Huey Hog (

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

War of 1812 Research

I figured I'd pass along news of what I've been up to wargaming wise.  I've been researching like no tomorrow for a historical War of 1812 (North America) skirmish battle hopefully using at least some of my painted 28mm figures.

I have this love-hate relationship with the War of 1812.  The love part is this was a war that took place close to where I grew up, interesting history, and I've visited a number of the forts.  I have enjoyed painting up the figures whether 15mm or 28mm.  The hate part is I can't figure out the rules to use and a historical battle that fits that does not need lots of 15mm or 28mm figures.  I have painted up the 15mm figures for the Battle of Crysler's Farm using the Generale de Brigade ruleset.  It worked okay, but I think I lost interest in the ruleset.  After that I researched similar sized battles  to Cryslter's Farm and could not find the right ruleset to work on a 6'x4' table.  I gave up.  Then I discovered that probably the best approach was just paint up 28mm for skirmish battles.  This works just fine for hypethetical battles, but doing hypethetical battles really isn't my thing.  I prefer historical battles which have the correct terrain and units in the battle.  I went ahead and tried my hand at 28mm painting and succeeded to my liking.  I discovered there are napoleonic rulesets that have figures representing less than 1:50 and that peaked my interest again in War of 1812.  I had forgotten that The Sword and the Flame ruleset is actually 1:10.  Not saying I will use the ruleset, just noticing that there are rulesets out there that may work out for a historical battle with a low ratio.  I'm looking at trying to keep the number of figures that I have to paint up low, but still have a good 6'x4' table battle.  The latest two battles I've been looking at are the Raid on Black Rock and the Battle of Ogdensburg.  Ogdensburg, NY is only a one hour drive from where I grew up (Ottawa, Canada).  I think both battles would use some of my painted figures.

So hopefully soon I will have a battle and ruleset picked out for my War of 1812 figures.  I will be buying Americans and more British/Canadians/Native tribes.  I don't mind painting up more 28mm figures, now that I know I can do it and I like the uniforms.  Iroquois Warriors have been ordered from Conquest Miniatures.

There has been discussion that 25/28mm buildings are too big on the wargaming table.  I somewhat agree.  The concept would be to use 15mm buildings with 28mm figures.  I'm going to have to look more into this if I use the 1 figure represents 10, 15, 20, or 30 soldiers.

Rules I'm leaning towards:
  • modified The Sword and the Flames by Bill Molyneaux
  • Rocket's Red Glare

Monday, March 4, 2013

Vietnam: Ia Drang Termite Mounds

I guess my next Cold War Commander rules scenario is the Vietnam Battle of Ia Drang.  I have most painted up, I just need to finish up the aerial support and some terrain.  I recently figured out how to make termite mounds for my 10/12mm miniatures.

  • 1/2" or 14mm insulation board
  • white glue
  • sand
  • paint colours:
    • brown
    • light sand
  • round metal base

Step 1: Cut up insulation board with hotwire and knife.  Termite mounds come in different heights, but I'm currently happy with them not higher than 14mm,.

Step 2: Glue piece to base and paint.  Add sand to mound while paint is wet.

Step 3: Paint mound again, and dry brush with light sand paint.  Paint base brown and add sand while still wet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Battle of Flodden Video

I made my first video and posted it to YouTube.  This video focuses on the historical situation of the Battle of Flodden mid way through the battle, from the perspective of the Scottish Army.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Imperial Hobbies Store

Last month I was vacationing in Vancouver, Canada with my wife and I decided to check out a local gaming store.  I researched on The Miniatures Page (TMP) website for a good gaming store in Vancouver and Imperial Hobbies was mentioned.  Having lost a number of good brick and mortar gaming stores in Colorado, it was fun to get in a new one I've never been to.  It turned out to be the best gaming store I've ever been in.  I haven't been in lots of gaming stores in Canada and the U.S., but this one is impressive.  The staff were very friendly. 

Imperial Hobbies store has a large stock of all things gaming/modeling related. Historical wise it had no shortage of wargame rules,  miniatures (mainly 25mm), plastic model kits, books, all the Ospreys, all the JR Miniatures terrain, shelves of the Hotz Mats, board games, dice and paint (amazingly they had Humbrol).  They also had comics, non-historical rules/miniatures, slot cars, books, and Euro board games.  I'm sure I'm missing something.  I ended up visiting twice and probably spent two hours browsing and buying stuff.

If ever in Vancouver, you must visit this store.  It is easy to get to with a car and is close to the Vancouver International Airport.

Imperial Hobbies Website

Photos inside store (unfortunately lacking photos of historical wargaming stock photos)

I read on another blog that referred to this store as small.  Well I'd like to see what a big gaming store is that has as much historical wargaming content. True, I guess I still have to check out Brookhurst Hobbies in California. I'd be interested to hear of other gamers picks for gaming stores that have lots of historical wargaming content.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Stand Dan blog: Battle of Zorndorf, 1758

Last Stand Dan: Battle of Zorndorf, 1758

Thanks to Dan for doing a write up about this game on his blog.  Excellent game.  Thanks Matt for putting it on.  We used the Age of Honor scenario book which uses the Age of Eagles rules (based on Fire and Fury rules).  Fire and Fury is one of my favorite set of rules.  I wish I could use the rules for all sorts of games I want to do, but I find it just requires too many miniatures to be painted up.  That is really my only issue with the rules.

I do not know much about the Seven Years War and know just a bit about the French and Indian War.  I was impressed with how much cavalry there was at the Battle of Zorndorf and I guess in this period in Europe.  The battle felt very Napoleonic, but there was a great variety of troops.  The scenario was done using 15mm figures.  I prefer this scale over 25mm for these sized battles.  It just looks right.

I'm looking forward to more Seven Years War battles from Matt.