Monday, February 13, 2017

Napoleonic First-Person Videos and Miniatures

In another random YouTube discovery, I came upon a great two part video set of a French Napoleonic reenactor from the first-person perspective (Go Pro camera).  Below are the two part videos:

I have played in a number of Napoleonic games over the years, and watching these videos really shows a great perspective of what being a soldier in the line infantry was like.

Unlike some Napoleonic gamers, I have not gone in very heavy.  I only have about 200 15mm War of 1812 figures.  I have since decided to focus on 28mm War of 1812 figures for skirmish wargames.  In the photo below, the miniatures on the left are 6mm Napoleonic figures.  I have never painted 6mm figures before.  I am curious if I will like painting the scale.  I don't plan on getting into 6mm Napoleonic figures.  I will be certainly be expanding my 28mm War of 1812 collection.  I may use 6mm for a different period.