Friday, January 4, 2013

Imperial Hobbies Store

Last month I was vacationing in Vancouver, Canada with my wife and I decided to check out a local gaming store.  I researched on The Miniatures Page (TMP) website for a good gaming store in Vancouver and Imperial Hobbies was mentioned.  Having lost a number of good brick and mortar gaming stores in Colorado, it was fun to get in a new one I've never been to.  It turned out to be the best gaming store I've ever been in.  I haven't been in lots of gaming stores in Canada and the U.S., but this one is impressive.  The staff were very friendly. 

Imperial Hobbies store has a large stock of all things gaming/modeling related. Historical wise it had no shortage of wargame rules,  miniatures (mainly 25mm), plastic model kits, books, all the Ospreys, all the JR Miniatures terrain, shelves of the Hotz Mats, board games, dice and paint (amazingly they had Humbrol).  They also had comics, non-historical rules/miniatures, slot cars, books, and Euro board games.  I'm sure I'm missing something.  I ended up visiting twice and probably spent two hours browsing and buying stuff.

If ever in Vancouver, you must visit this store.  It is easy to get to with a car and is close to the Vancouver International Airport.

Imperial Hobbies Website

Photos inside store (unfortunately lacking photos of historical wargaming stock photos)

I read on another blog that referred to this store as small.  Well I'd like to see what a big gaming store is that has as much historical wargaming content. True, I guess I still have to check out Brookhurst Hobbies in California. I'd be interested to hear of other gamers picks for gaming stores that have lots of historical wargaming content.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Stand Dan blog: Battle of Zorndorf, 1758

Last Stand Dan: Battle of Zorndorf, 1758

Thanks to Dan for doing a write up about this game on his blog.  Excellent game.  Thanks Matt for putting it on.  We used the Age of Honor scenario book which uses the Age of Eagles rules (based on Fire and Fury rules).  Fire and Fury is one of my favorite set of rules.  I wish I could use the rules for all sorts of games I want to do, but I find it just requires too many miniatures to be painted up.  That is really my only issue with the rules.

I do not know much about the Seven Years War and know just a bit about the French and Indian War.  I was impressed with how much cavalry there was at the Battle of Zorndorf and I guess in this period in Europe.  The battle felt very Napoleonic, but there was a great variety of troops.  The scenario was done using 15mm figures.  I prefer this scale over 25mm for these sized battles.  It just looks right.

I'm looking forward to more Seven Years War battles from Matt.