Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blitzkrieg-Commander Trenches

I am a big fan of Blitzkrieg-Commander (BKC) and Cold War Commander (CWC).  BKC is what got me back into WWII wargaming since playing Command Decision and Rapid Fire years ago.  I've been playing BKC/CWC since probably 2004.  I have not played as many games as other people, but it is my WWII/Modern ruleset of choice.

This post shows my latest 10/12mm trenches for BKC.  The size is based off the BKC version 1 size.  They are made from thin birch and balsa.  The picture below shows the progression of the construction.  They will be used by the Germans defending against a Canadian attack in Normandy.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Canadian Voltigeurs


These are my next set of 28mm War of 1812 Knuckleduster Miniatures.  They are the Canadian Voltigeurs.  Too bad none of the figures available are shooting.  My next set of figures I'm painting up are Upper Canada Militia.



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glengarry Light Infantry

These are my painted 28mm Knuckleduster Miniatures Glengarry Light Infantry for the War of 1812.  I've seen reenactor wearing grey pants, but regulation was green for the Glengarry Light Infantry, so figured I'd go with green.

Glengarry Light Infantry in a dry part of Upper Canada in the War of 1812.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tacticon 2012

Colorado has two gaming conventions a year (Genghis Con and Tacticon).  Tacticon is the smaller of the two conventions but still good.  All the gaming genres are represented and there is a room of vendors.  Both conventions essentially go from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  I always try to make an appearance every year to see what is going on in the historical miniature wargaming area.  I try to run one game at each convention, but I have been busy the past couple years trying to get a good scenario painted up.  While I was editor of our club newsletter, I would write up a synopsis of the convention with pictures, but now that I have a blog, I guess I can continue to post a review.

I do not attend the whole convention.  When I am running a game I just show up and run my one game.  When I am not, I purchase a visitors badge and walk around checking out the games, talking with fellow gamers, then check out the vendor area.  I don't get to see the whole event, but get to chat with everyone and see how things are going.  Why do I not pay for the weekend and join in the action?  I would say it is cost.  This year was $24 for the whole weekend, and $3 per game, so it could have added up to $39.  I used to do it years ago, but now I have enough gaming going on throughout the year.

I popped in Saturday morning and was impressed with the number of historical miniature games going on.  Probably too many as two of the games had no people sign up for their games.  Some of the other games were lightly attended.  Our club members put on a number of games every year, and this year was no exception.  The usual historical periods were represented: Ancients, WWII and ACW.  There was a Modern Chechnya game.  The scenario sounded interesting.  The vendor area was (as usual) lacking historical wargaming vendors.  It was good to see JR Miniatures back again, but they did not bring much stock, so ended up not buying anything.  At Genghis Con, they had, I think, everything to choose from their company.  Hopefully they attend Genghis Con and bring everything.  I can always find something from them to buy.

Walking around the convention sometimes you run into some local historical wargame "celebrities," such as Bob Jones, of Piquet rules fame.  Good to see him again.  Also it was good to see Dan Black running a game again.  I have yet to get in one of his games, but they look amazing.  He did a great 25mm Boxer Rebellion game a few years back.

While Denver conventions can not compete with the conventions back east, they are good.  Next game convention will be our clubs Veterans Wars convention in November.  After that will be Genghis Con in February and West Wars (club convention) in May.

Organization that runs Genghis Con and Tacticon conventions:
Denver Gamers Association