Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WWI Austro-Hungarian Naval Miniatures

I have had these WWI Austro-Hungarian naval miniatures sitting around and thought I'd take some photos and post them to my blog.  They are 1:3000 Navwar miniatures.  I've used them for two theoretical scenarios involving the Italian or French navy.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Upper Canada Militia

Here is my last group of Knuckleduster 28mm War of 1812 figures.  These were sitting on my painting table for the longest time.  They are the Upper Canada Militia.  I say "last group", but it probably won't be.  For now it is my last because I am all out of Knuckleduster.  I actually enjoy painting up the Knuckleduster figures.  Am I a 28mm convert?  Nope.  I still enjoy the 10-15mm miniatures.  I will say that I think this scale will work great in skirmish.

Now, I am in holding pattern until my compatriot finishes up the bad guys (Americans) for some War of 1812 skirmish.  We will probably be using Song of Drums and Shakos.

Friday, October 5, 2012

German Defences around Buron, France, July 1944

I finished up my trenches for an upcoming Normandy Canadians vs Germans BKC game (10/12mm).  I think it's turning out not too bad.  I'm debating whether to change the trench base sides from green to a light brown.  So left to right we have an anti-tank ditch, mines, barbed wire, trenches interspersed with dug outs, town walls/hedges, and then the town buildings.  We'll see what it takes to get through this.  Maybe the Canadians will find a way to bypass the defences.

I still need to make up a 75mm anti-tank gun emplacement.  Fortunately for the Canadians, there are no 88s in this battle.