Monday, March 4, 2013

Vietnam: Ia Drang Termite Mounds

I guess my next Cold War Commander rules scenario is the Vietnam Battle of Ia Drang.  I have most painted up, I just need to finish up the aerial support and some terrain.  I recently figured out how to make termite mounds for my 10/12mm miniatures.

  • 1/2" or 14mm insulation board
  • white glue
  • sand
  • paint colours:
    • brown
    • light sand
  • round metal base

Step 1: Cut up insulation board with hotwire and knife.  Termite mounds come in different heights, but I'm currently happy with them not higher than 14mm,.

Step 2: Glue piece to base and paint.  Add sand to mound while paint is wet.

Step 3: Paint mound again, and dry brush with light sand paint.  Paint base brown and add sand while still wet.