Sunday, July 14, 2013

West Wars 2013

Another blog post from warm and rainy Denver.  This years CMH club convention, West Wars, was good and bad.  I popped by the convention on Saturday to play in Terry's Square Bashing game and see what else was going on.  Excellent attendance and good to see both club members and the Colorado Springs guys.  Pictures below are from when I was at the convention (Saturday afternoon).

I was very interested in trying out Square Bashing 2 from one of the actual play testers of the rules, Terry Shockey.  I am considering using the rules for North Africa WWI.  I certainly think it is possible.  There are lots of little rules, but fairly easy to follow along.  Terry put on a fun game, and I think I got an excellent overview of the rules.  In my testing at home it looks like a did a few things wrong, but got most of the rules correct.

Square Bashing 2 game

So what about the other games going on.  It looked like John Owen was putting on another fun naval game.  I recommend Johns games, they are good fun.  Bill Daniels was running a WWI 28mm game.  His games always look good and play well.  I'm surprised how quickly the game ended.  I guess that was the plan.  There was a DB something game ongoing.  I'm not an ancients gamer, so have no clue what the sides were, but there were lots of figures.

WWI game

Now for the bad news.  Around 5pm Saturday afternoon there was a massive rain storm come through, which seemed to have some sort of affect on the plumbing at the community center.  Something caused all the plumbing to stop running away and result in flooding in both bathrooms.  Not good.  Event organizers and the club Board decided to cancel the convention at 6pm Saturday.  So evening games and all events on Sunday were cancelled.  I was unable to run my Vietnam game Sunday.  That's okay, I can run it at the next club meeting.  But it was too bad.  I was looking forward to the Sunday swap meet and chatting with the fellow gamers.

British vs Italians in the Med, 1941
More photos:
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Drop clothes gone wrong

Sometimes gamers drop clothes just don't look right.  The recent photo (below) from Wills Wargame Blog taken of a game at the Gauntlet Convention is a case in point.  It appears to be a WWII game somewhere in Europe.  This part of Europe seems to not have much agriculture, but certainly has a lot of bright neon grass. may be the light, but still.  No offense, but I think this is an example of what drop cloth not to use.  This can be referred to as golf course green.

From Wills Wargame Blog (
I've probably been just as guilty of using a plain drop cloth, but I've tried to get it close to the correct colour.  My favorite European drop cloth now is the one below.