Monday, August 19, 2013

RAF Sevens Rugby Team Uniform

Since 2007 I have been going to our local rugby stadium to mainly watch the Glendale Raptors play, but I also like to attend other games/tournaments as well.  This past weekend I checked out the Serevi Sevens Tournament.  There were 16 different rugby teams.  Many were from military branches of the world and the U.S.  Man it was hot on Sunday when I attended...96°F/36°C.  Fortunately the games are only 14 minutes long.

I thought the British RAF team had a unique uniform.  The camouflage jersey with black and white stripes, both on the jersey and on the socks.  Pretty much all of us who know DDay history recognize this is the Allied stripes used on planes involved in the DDay invasion.

RAF vs Mexico

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August CMH Club Meeting

Last Sunday our club had our monthly meeting.  We decided to have our annual swap and then have you regular meeting.  I got to run my Vietnam scenario that I was supposed to run in July but didn't due to plumbing issues at the venue.  Not many pictures to show the action at the club, but I was busy buying and selling stuff and running my game.

Note all the tables setup with stuff to sell in the right half of the picture.
The left half of the picture has my game setup near the stack of chairs.
A Bolt Action ruleset game about to get underway.
I need to try out this ruleset.  I've heard it is fun.
All sorts of games underway after the swap meet.  There is a pause in my game.