Sunday, March 30, 2014

No Offense, but...

...Man this is a terrible looking game.  I can not believe this was actually at a convention (Havoc XXX).  The terrain looks horrible.

What is wrong with this terrain?  It actually does not look real.  Wait...the buildings, bridge, and fence look real.  I own the same river terrain and the sides of the river have rocks, etc which should be painted.  Maybe playtesting by yourself at home then this would be okay, but I would never have anyone play at this table.  I try to avoid using felt, but I can understand it being used in certain situations (i.e. large water bodies like rivers/lakes).  These blobs of felt have no trees, etc.  Oh it just gets worse the more I look at this photo.

I would be very interested to hear the reason for the bad terrain.

I am of the opinion that at a gaming convention, the game presentation must look good.

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At the same convention, below is a view of a successful looking game.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Black Rock Raid Preview

I have finally put together the War of 1812 skirmish scenario "Black Rock Raid."  This is a historic raid that took place around the town of Black Rock (now a suburb of Buffalo, NY) during the War of 1812.  This raid July 11, 1813.  The area is located just upstream of Niagara Falls across from Fort Erie.  During the war there were various battles and raids along the Canadian/U.S. border, this is just one of them.  The British launched the raid in the middle of the night down stream of Black Rock.  The local NY militia were surprised and fled the area leaving behind artillery pieces and many supplies.  The British spiked various guns or took them to their boats now waiting at the local dock.  They also began taking what supplies they could from local government buildings and stores.  U.S. forces were assembled south of Black Rock from Buffalo.  Around 7am these forces began advancing on the British.  My scenario is just a small potion of the whole area, but has the action near the end of the raid, with the American forces getting close to the town of Black Rock.

Figures are all 28mm Knuckleduster, except for the artillery piece which is Perry.
Rules will be "Chosen Men."

View from Black Rock.
Canadian Militia emptying the local tavern.
British soldiers leaving dock to get more supplies.  They are passing a warehouse they burned earlier.
NY Militia advancing along shore road.
Main force of US regulars, militia and Indians advancing.
My daughter Paige hanging out with Dad.