Monday, May 26, 2014

West Wars 2014

Our club put on our annual Spring convention this month.  It was a three day convention, but I only ended up going Sunday.  I heard attendance was low for the convention, but Sunday attendance was okay.  I brought the usual bunch of military history stuff to try and sell at the swap meet.  I think I ended up buying a few things, but nothing exciting to report.  For me, the highlight was putting on my War of 1812 skirmish game.  It was good to get it out of the basement and out at the club.  I only had two members in the game, but that's okay.  I plan to put it on again at Tacticon (local Denver gaming convention) in September.

Below are a few pictures from West Wars on Sunday.

Ancients battle
WWI Naval: Battle of Dogger Bank
Nile boats

War of 1812 skirmish: Raid on Black Rock
War of 1812 skirmish: Raid on Black Rock