Monday, November 17, 2014

Ottawa 2014

I recently went on a very short weekend trip to Ottawa to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

Some history/gaming related trip highlights:
  1. I wanted to see the new WWI special exhibit at the War Museum.  It was a good exhibit.  It probably is a good introduction to those that do not know the war.  For the space they had, it was good.  I'm sure they could have filled a whole museum just dedicated to WWI.  The highlight for me was the quality models that were created for the exhibit.  They also had fake smelling stations for the various gases used in the war.
  2. The War Museum was selling off used books from it's library collection.  I picked up some great books for really cheap.  Maybe I just got lucky with who was working that day.
  3. I always have to visit the War Museum gift shop.  I was trying to get a good book on this history of the involvement of Canada in Afghanistan recently, but had no luck.  All the books were just first person accounts. 
  4. Fandom II looks to be doing well.  Layout has not changed in many years.  I think the layout was different when they first moved into the current store location, but that was so long ago I can't remember.  It is a must stop by when in downtown Ottawa.  It is a small store, but worth it.  With multiple stores having closed in Colorado, it is good to see some staying open.
  5. Had to stop by the National War Memorial.  With the shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the Memorial, it meant something different to go there.  There were the two ceremonial guards, but there was also at least three Ottawa police officers there for security.
War museum, War Memorial and General Currie photos below.
War Museum Photos
Canadian armoured car from 1914

Canadian BL 8" howitzer Mark VIII

21 cm Mörser (German Howitzer/Mortar)


10mm or 15mm scale miniatures.  Look to be custom made miniatures.


Maybe 20mm scale miniatures.

Approximately 28mm miniature scale.

National War Memorial

Commander of the Canadian Corp in WWI
General Sir Arthur William Currie

Statue with War Memorial in background.

Currie's original uniform.