Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Second Battle of Buron

At Genghis Con this year I ran a Blitzkrieg-Commander II rules scenario "Second Battle of Buron."  The battle took place July 8, 1944 between Canadians and Germans in Normandy.

I had playtested the scenario a number of times and the Canadians won each time.  At the convention the Germans won.  They won by poor rolls by the Canadian players basically resulting in the Canadian infantry stuck in the open in front of the defenses.  There were also about 5 Canadian blunder rolls in the game.  The Canadians failed their breakpoint morale and retreated on turn 8 (12 turn game).

Historically the Canadians won the battle.

Canadian artillery provides a smoke screen at the start of the battle.
Canadian forces:

1 CO (9)
4 HQ (8)
1 FAO (8)

3 Universal Carriers
13 Infantry (reg)
1 6pdr
1 Engineer
1 3" Mortar
5 Piat (upgrade)
3 Sherman
1 Sherman Firefly
1 Churchill AVRE Fascine
1 Sherman Crab
1 M10 tank destroyer
2 M7 Priest 105mm
2 HE Assets
2 Smoke Assets

About mid way through the game (c. turn 4)
German forces:

1 CO (9)
2 HQ (8)
1 Pz HQ (8)
1 FAO (7)

6 Infantry (HJ)
2 Panzerfaust
1 8cm Mortar
1 75mm AT gun
1 Grille Sig 33
2 Pz IV
6 barbed wire
4 AT ditches
12 trenches
2 mines (real)
2 mines (dummy)
1 gun pit (AT gun)
3 dug-outs

1 105mm guns
1 150mm Nebelwerfer

Both sides heavily engaged about turn 6.

Battlefield at the end of the battle looking from the Canadian side.

End game, Canadian tanks flanking the German defenses.
Canadian infantry have a hard time of it in the center.
Canadians make it as far as the German anti-tank ditch.
German nebelwerfers caused high infantry casualties.
View from German held Buron at the end of the game.