Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Sentry Box Store in Canada

On my trip to Alberta last month, I visited the gaming store The Sentry Box in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I had heard it was the store to visit in Calgary and that it was big.  Well I can confirm both.  I spent 2.5 hours looking around the store.

I went in the front door and you look down on the main floor of the store.  It turns out that the main floor basically has the non-historical specific stock. This includes paint, dice, terrain, boardgames, non-historic miniatures, card games, novels, etc.  I skimmed through this area fairly fast.  Then I discovered the stairs leading up to the historical room.  Wow...impressive.  I have not been in many gaming stores around the world, but the historical section is big.

The prices on everything was weird.  All the prices are listed in US dollars, but they have sheets up around the store showing the daily conversion rate to Canadian dollars.  Everything was retail price, except maybe for old stock they were looking to dispose of.

In the historical room there was a fair amount of old stock of miniatures (i.e. lots of Minifigs US 10mm or 15mm).  As you can see from the photo, Flames of War is well represented.  A good amount of box chit wargames.  They have a good selection of the old JR Miniatures terrain, but I did not need anything they had, except for one 10mm building.  The used book section was good.  I was impressed with their naval wargame section.

This is a must visit store!  I wish Denver (twice the size of Calgary) had a store like this.  Is there a store larger than this and has a better military gaming section?

To see more photos of the store, check out their web site:

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