Monday, October 22, 2018

The Men Who Would Be Kings - House Rules

I have played these rules a couple of times and have enjoyed the battles with them.  I think they are a good alternative to The Sword and The Flame rules.  I will be using them for a Philippine-American War skirmish between a Company from the Colorado Regiment and a Filipino unit.

I have browsed through TMP and the The Men Who Would Be Kings Facebook page and found a few good house rules.  I wish there was an easier assembled source of house rules to read through.

I can see myself adding more house rules as I continue to playtest and play more games.  So the list below may be updated after I post it.

House Rules:
  1. Commander-in-Chief figure added. This figure can move 12" and provide a +1 bonus to a Unit doing a Rally action within 6" of the figure.
  2. Instead of rolling two d6 to see if a key figure is killed, a roll of a 1 on a d12 will kill a key figure.  Roll the d12 when rolling for potential hits on unit.  This will speed up play.
  3. Each player and each Commander-in-Chief have a chit.  This chit is drawn at random to determine which becomes active.
  4. Units with a flag or bugle gives a leadership bonus of 1. The example is a leader who starts at a 7+, with a flag figure, the leadership would be 6+.  If it also has a bugler, then it would be 5+.
  5. Move and At the Double are merged together into Move action which is now basically At the Double (6" + 1d6" for movement).
  6. When failing a rally, but not routing the player has two option with the unit:
    1. Retreat to cover or in the open up to 12" and remove a pin marker.
    2. Stay in cover and do not remove a pin marker.
Note the unit of 12 figures, one of the figures is replaced with a flag figure for the leadership bonus.
In the back the Commander-in-Chief is within 6" and can provide a leadership bonus for a Rally action.
American unit has a Bugler who gives a leadership bonus.

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