Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hexacon 2019

I attended my first Hexacon convention in Colorado this year.  It was fun to attend a local gaming convention again and see all the action.  At this convention, I think the largest group of gamers were the boardgamers.  There were also plenty of RPG gamers.  The miniature area was very sparse, which worked for me.  Lots of space and chairs for my 28mm Philippine-American War game on Saturday.

 Link to 360°
Boardgame room (click picture for 360° view)
Miniature Area (click picture for 360° view)
This is the second year of the convention with a smaller attendance compared to GenghisCon or Tacticon conventions.  This is not a bad thing.  Probably easier to manage all the action.

RPG room

Vendor room
Some positives about this convention:
  1. Cheaper.  Weekend badge comparison: Genghis Con 2019, $52.80 and Hexacon 2019, $25.00.
  2. I was NOT forced to pay for a weekend badge when I only wanted to attend to run a single game.
  3. Boardgaming room was humming with activity and had lots of games to choose from the library.  RPG areas looked very active.
  4. Miniature area was in a quiet open area.  Lots of visibility for gamers walking by.  

New boardgame
Potential negatives:
  1. The RPG rooms appeared to be pretty tight and potentially loud.
  2. Almost no vendors with little stock, but maybe that is just me not seeing anything of interest.
  3. Attendance on a Saturday afternoon appeared to be light based on the space available.  I had two players for my game that supported four.
Ancients miniature game
Gaming not found at the convention (not necessarily a bad thing):
  • Dedicated train game area
  • 40k games or tournament
  • Video games
  • Magic
I think this convention has a lot of potential and I look forward to running games at the convention in the future.

1899 Philippines miniature game

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