Friday, December 3, 2021

6mm Samurai: New to 3D Resin Miniatures

When it comes to acquiring 3D printed miniatures, in the past I have purchased just from Shapeways.  There are now a lot more options available in the market.  You can now print a file yourself or have someone else print it.  I have no interest in purchasing a 3D resin printer and do not have a friend who has one.  I wanted to research how someone like me did it.  I tracked down a post on the subject.

For someone who knows very little about 3D printers I impressed myself.  Certain key steps for someone who does not own a 3D resin printer (i.e. myself):

  1. Find 3D miniature files (STL) for free or purchase.  I purchased the 6mm Samurai files from Project Wargaming.
  2. Choose a manufacturer.  A web site like can help you find a manufacturer.
  3. Expect misprinted figures or breakage.
  4. Once figures are received, you may have to remove the supports yourself.
Here is a 34 minute video on my take on going through the process of acquiring 3D resin miniatures with some recommendations:

Monday, November 15, 2021

Veterans Wars 2021

Last weekend our club had our Fall club convention.  We had three to five games for each session on Saturday or Sunday.  There were about 15 people attending Saturday and close to 40 on Sunday.  I thought Saturday was a little disappointing attendance wise, but a lot of people were busy (i.e. attending an old club member memorial service).  I ran my Korean War game Saturday morning and it ran very well.  Overall I think everyone had a good time.  It was good to see everyone at our latest club convention.

Convention photos:

Click photo to view 360° Wings of War photo


Click on photos below to pull up 360° view

Cold War Commander, Korean War: Battle of Chail-li

In December 1950, the first Canadian troops arrived in Korea.  Further troops arrived in May 1951.

On May 30, 1951, Canadian forces moved into the town of Chail-li, and were quickly attacked by Chinese forces.  Due to the large Chinese attack on Chail-li, the Canadians were forced to retreat.

I have put together a Cold War Commander scenario of the battle using 10mm Pendraken miniatures.

Pendraken has Chinese and British miniatures for the Korean War, but the British hats were not correct for the Canadians.  I customized the hats to better match what the Canadians were wearing in Korea.

To read about the historic battle click on think link: