Sunday, March 24, 2019

March CMH Club Meeting Photos

Photos from our March monthly club meeting with my new used camera.  Not sure if they look better than my previous camera, but thought I'd give it a try.  I also used software to improve the photos, mainly to brighten them.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

GenghisCon and lack of Historical Miniature Games

Why the lack of Historical Miniature games at Genghis Con?

I attended Genghis Con in Denver from 2000 to 2016.  I stopped attending after attending the Sister convention to Genghis Con...Tacticon in 2016.  Why did I stop attending these conventions in Colorado?  I was done with paying to only run games at the conventions.  Yes, some years I did pay for a visitor badge ($10) to attend.  I am of the opinion now that if all I want to do at the convention is run a four hour historical miniature game, why should I have to pay?  I guess you could argue that I should pay something for using the facilities.  My counter argument is maybe only the players should pay.  Unlike board gaming, we typically do not join in the game, we run the game and have sunk a lot of money and time into making the scenario/game.

I am not alone in no longer interested in attending Genghis Con or Tacticon.  Our club membership and many Historical Miniature Gamers throughout Colorado have stopped running games at the conventions.

I think there are other conventions which will do a better job than the management of Genghis Con, like Hexacon.  I'm sure there are other game types which are doing great at Genghis Con, but Historical Miniature Gaming is not.  I want to host games at Genghis Con, but under the current pricing scheme, I have no interest.

So about the 2019 Genghis Con pricing, how does the convention compare to the Colorado Military Historians club:

Genghis Con
Single day: $35.00 plus $1 per game
Saturday, 9am-2am
Assume 3 slots, each 4 hrs each (12 hrs)
Cost per hour: $3.17

Colorado Military Historians
1 year membership: $50.00
12 meetings, each 5 hrs each (60 hrs)
Cost per hour: $0.83

Based on this comparison, you are paying about four times as much for one hour of Historical Miniature gaming at Genghis Con compared to CMH.  The game experience is exactly the same. Genghis Con was better back in the day; for example a winner of a game would get actually get a  trophy.

For gamers out there that want to play some awesome Historical Miniature games in Colorado, I recommend visiting CSGA in Colorado Springs or CMH in Denver.  Also Hexacon, West Wars or Veteran's Wars conventions.

Maybe some day I will host a game at Genghis Con again.