Wednesday, July 17, 2019

More Working WWII Soviet Vehicle Videos

I recently discovered some more videos showing running Soviet WWII vehicles (mainly tanks) on Facebook.  I belong to a bunch of different groups on Facebook and some videos from a Russian site (a Military History Museum close to Moscow) were shared.  I hope you have access to view them via the links below.  It appears the vehicles are in excellent condition, but maybe that is just the fresh paint jobs.  I think they look cool.

Facebook videos:

T-20 Komsomolets prime mover pulling AT gun

BA-6 Armoured Car

T-26 flame-thrower tank

T-38 amphibious tank

M-13 multiple launch rocket system truck

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Zulu Wargaming

I recently watched a YouTube video related to the Zulu War and it got me thinking of my Zulu wargaming.

Back in the day, I was introduced to miniature wargaming with a set of rules called "The Sword and The Flame."  In a single session we played two British vs Zulu games.  I was hooked.  I bought the rules and bought all sorts of 1:72 plastic figures.  This was my foray into the hobby.  Looking scenarios on the tables looked horrible and paint flaked off the plastic figures.  I even tried to do a campaign but realized I had to paint too many figures to make it work.  I guess fortunately wargaming the Zulu War with all the issues did not make me leave the hobby.  Maybe WWII North Africa using 1:72/20mm miniatures with Rapid Fire kept me going.

Zulu game in 1997
I have since played other Zulu War games and do have good memories of wargaming the war, but I have no interest in going back to it.  So many other interests to focus on.

Those who want to see reenactors in South Africa commemorating the war, check out the video below.