Friday, December 3, 2021

6mm Samurai: New to 3D Resin Miniatures

When it comes to acquiring 3D printed miniatures, in the past I have purchased just from Shapeways.  There are now a lot more options available in the market.  You can now print a file yourself or have someone else print it.  I have no interest in purchasing a 3D resin printer and do not have a friend who has one.  I wanted to research how someone like me did it.  I tracked down a post on the subject.

For someone who knows very little about 3D printers I impressed myself.  Certain key steps for someone who does not own a 3D resin printer (i.e. myself):

  1. Find 3D miniature files (STL) for free or purchase.  I purchased the 6mm Samurai files from Project Wargaming.
  2. Choose a manufacturer.  A web site like can help you find a manufacturer.
  3. Expect misprinted figures or breakage.
  4. Once figures are received, you may have to remove the supports yourself.
Here is a 34 minute video on my take on going through the process of acquiring 3D resin miniatures with some recommendations: