Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Arctic Convoy in 1:3000

The decision has been made.  The ships in the convoy game will be in 1:3000 scale.

After researching the scales 1:2400, 1:3000, and 1:6000, I found that 1:3000 covered the most needed ships as accurately as possible.  My preference would have been 1:2400, but there were too many gaps.

Here are the 1:3000 scale suppliers I researched:
Of these companies, I am only familiar with NAVWAR.  Years ago I purchased WWI French, Italian and Austro-Hungarian ships and was pretty happy with them.  Amazingly I'll still have to snail mail my order in.

North Head Miniatures will be my first Shapeways order.  I'm curious how the ships will look.  The other two companies are a mystery, so we'll just have to wait and see what sort of actual size and quality they turn out to be.

For other gamers out there looking at doing a convoy game, I am currently researching a summer 1942 Arctic convoy game, so depending on what year, country and part of the world you do, 1:2400 or 1:6000 may work out just fine.  My convoy will have about 31 merchant ships of all types and sizes from different countries, so it is quite the challenge to get a good variety.  A smaller convoy would be easier to get on the table in other scales.

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