Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attack on Berber Campaign Game

Last month I played in a fun Colonial Sudan campaign game.  It was just a small engagement, British vs. Dervishes.  I was on the British side trying to take a town, with some help of a gunboat.  Dan (who is running the campaign) played the Dervishes.  The battle rules for the campaign are The Sword and the Flame.  Everyone knows these rules so I won't go into description about them.  What I will say is I got into historical miniature wargaming 29 years ago because of these rules.  I think I got burnt out on them awhile back, but this campaign is fun and the rules are not that bad.  The subtle changes/additions to the rules have improved things.  Also, Dan always puts on fun games.

Photo from Dan's blog.
Here is the link to the recap of the battle (on Dan's blog):

Attack on Berber