Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Homemade 28mm Corn Stalks

I was inspired by a blog post on John Bond's Wargaming Stuff blog on how to make your own cornfields for 28mm wargaming.  I have been hesitant to spend more on model railroad cornstalks (JTT 2" O scale).  They certainly look great but can get pricey for the amount of corn stalks I want to have on the table.  I have also not been very successful creating cornfields using other techniques, so I am giving John's technique a go.

I was surprised that John spotted a fake IKEA plant (FEJKA) that can be easily used as corn stalks.  I have an IKEA close by, so popped in there, bought the plant and have been trying out John's technique.  I tried to follow the process exactly, but ended up changing it up slightly.  I explain my process in the video below.  I bet there are more improvements other people will come up, but it is pretty easy and fast to go through this process.  Basing wise, I'm probably going to try out using rubber floor mat material.  I first saw it in action on Black Magic Craft YouTube channel: Link.

My video below on how to make these corn stalks.

I will post an update once I finish a cornfield terrain piece.

Link to John's blog post: John Bond's Wargaming Stuff