Saturday, November 17, 2018

Canadian WWI Armoured Autocar

Autocar in Canadian War Museum, November 2014.
One of my favourite artifacts from the Canadian War Museum was restored to running condition this year and shipped over to Belgium to take part in the end of WWI commemoration activities in Mons, Belgium on November 11.  As a kid and even today, this vehicle has always been interesting to see.  I would have loved to see it run in person in Ottawa or in Mons.  I have yet to find a video of it running in Belgium.

This armoured car was built in 1914.

From the Canadian War Museum:
This armoured car was manufactured by the Autocar Company. Built on a two-ton truck chassis, the car had 5mm of armour at the front and 3mm in the rear. With its solid rubber tires and 22-horsepower engine, it could reach speeds of 30 to 40 kilometres per hour on roads, but had very limited cross-country capability. Its twin Vickers machine-guns could each spew 450 bullets per minute. (source)

Canadian armoured cars going into action at the Battle of Amiens.
Canadian armoured cars pass through Mons, Belgium.
(source: Library and Archives Canada)


Autocar driving in Mons

Below are three videos of the autocar being restored before being shipped over to Mons.

Autocar in Mons: Facebook link (video)


source: Link

More photos of Autocar in Mons

For the wargamers, there is a 1:144 scale model of the Autocar available from Shapeways: link

Also available is the Flames of War 15mm pack of two.

My final painted 15mm Flames of War armoured cars.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Philippine-American War Skirmish Battle

At our last club convention I put on a Philippine-American War skirmish scenario between Filipino forces and A Company, 1st Colorado Volunteer Regiment.  The scenario was based on a real skirmish battle that happened on March 25, 1899 between well trained Filipino troops and US volunteer troops.

The 28mm figures are from 1898 Miniaturas and a few Tiger Miniatures thrown in.  Rules used were The Men Who Would Be Kings with some house rules.  Terrain that affected the battle was the jungle, rice paddies and hedges.

The objective for the the Filipino troops was to defend the area and prevent the US forces from breaking through.  Just like the historic battle, the US forces were able to push the Filipino forces out of the area but it was a tough battle.

Initial deployment for the Filipinos and US forces started off table.
Two additional Filipino units would arrive as reinforcements.

A Filipino unit with the support of a bugler and flag defend the edge of a forested area.

A unit of volunteers charges pinned Filipinos defending the rice paddy berm.
The Filipino troops could not hold the berm.

The Filipino left flank trying to hold back the advancing US troops.
Ignore the two dice trays.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

October CMH Club Meeting Photos

Here are some photos from the October monthly meeting of our club.  Two 360° photos are included.  Games are Blood and Plunder, WWII tanks, and Chinese

Click to view and pan in 360°.

Click to view and pan in 360°.

Unit of the month figures laid out on table. Oh ya...and one of my rice paddies.