Tuesday, September 14, 2021

6mm Samurai: Primer and Basing options

Since I am new to painting 6mm and Samurai miniature wargaming, I have been researching various approaches to painting and basing.  I thought I'd share my thoughts on these topics in two videos.

The first video focuses on using grey, black or black with grey drybrush as options for priming.  I did a test for each and then share which I chose.  Typically I just use a grey primer for painting miniatures.

The second video discusses what basing I chose for the two wargame rules I'm going to game with.  At the end I go into casualty marker options as well.

I think my next video will be on how I do the sashimono flags and other flags.  The sashimono flag is the banner on the backs of the samurai and ashigaru.

Video looking at priming options.

Video on basing options for two rulesets I've chosen.